Q & A

 EyeGiene System FAQs

Q: EyeGiene does not feel very warm when resting in my hand, how do I know it is working effectively?

A: The EyeGiene warming units are designed to work with the specially designed EyeGiene mask.  The waming units will not reach full temperature unless placed in the EyeGiene mask and placed against the eyelids. 

Q: I used the original EyeGiene, how is the new design different?

A: The new design warms up slower, allowing you time to insert the warming units into the special mask, the units and mask are 400% larger, the warming units last significantly longer and units are designed to only reach therapuetic temperature when inserted in the special mask.  The warming units are also self activated when removed from their protective foil.

Q: How will EyeGiene® help my dry eyes or blepharitis?
A: Both evaporative dry eyes and blepharitis are caused by a lack of meibomian gland oil being supplied to the tear film on the surface of the eye. By warming the eyelids with the EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System, the meibomian gland oil is thinned so it flows more easily onto the surface of the eye.

Q: What temperature does the EyeGiene® System reach? Will it burn my eyelids?
A: The EyeGiene® System is designed to provide 104-105F (40C) of warmth to the eyelids. While this temperature is significantly below the temperature commonly recognized as harmful to the skin, if you are sensitive to warmth, place the warming unit into the eye mask with the empty chamber towards the eye. This lowers the temperature provided to the eyelid by 2F. If it is still too warm for you, stop use.

Q: Does EyeGiene® System get hot enough to melt meibomian gland oils?
A: Yes, in most studies done with warm compresses, the target temperature for assisting in thinning the meibomian gland oils is 104-105F (40C) and this is the temperature provided by the Insta-Warmth System when used in conjunction with the EyeGiene eye mask.

Q: How long does an EyeGiene® warming unit last and how will I know when to take the EyeGiene eye mask off?
A: The EyeGiene® System reaches the target temperature within a few minutes, giving you time to put on the mask and get comfortable.  The warmth will continue for up to 10 minutes. It is recommended that the EyeGiene eye mask be removed when you no longer feel the warmth.

Q: Can I put two EyeGiene® warming units into one side of the EyeGiene eye mask?
A: You should NOT put more than one warming unit into one side of the eye mask at any one time.

Q: How do I activate the EyeGiene® warming units?
A: The units are automaticly activated when they are removed from their sealed foil package.

Q: Does it come with the EyeGiene® eye mask?
A: The Eyegiene® System starter kits come complete with one eye mask and warming units. The refill kit has only warming units and no eye mask.

Q: Can I wash the EyeGiene® eye mask? How often should I wash it and how many times can I wash it?
A: The EyeGiene® eye mask can be washed by hand with warm soapy water or in the washing machine on the Gentle or Delicates cycle and should last up to 6 months with regular washings. Depending on the severity of your eye condition, weekly to monthly washing is suggested.

Q: Do I need a sink, stove, or microwave to use the EyeGiene® System?
A: That’s the beauty of the EyeGiene® System, it’s portable and convenient so no microwave, stove, or boiling is ever needed…just remove the  pouches from their sealed foil package and dispose of them when they are no longer providing warmth.

Q: Are there any conditions where the EyeGiene® System might not be suitable?
A: As with any product that produces warmth, individuals may react differently, and if there is a concern patients should ask their doctor prior to use. In addition, do not use if you have recently undergone any surgical procedures on your eyes including LASIK or cataract surgery without consulting your eye care specialist first.