A Better Dry Eye Therapy

Many dry eye patients and even some Doctors and insurance companies do not have a clear understanding of Dry Eye Syndrome treatments. Current treatment regimens are mostly ineffective. Eye drops just treat the symptoms for short periods of time.   Eyedetec has seen an unmet need in this area and has developed products to help patients not only feel better, but get better. We believe that if you can get the body’s own systems working properly you will get better results and also prevent unexpected consequences of exposing the eye surface to repeated foreign chemicals.  Research has shown that if you properly heat the Meibomian glands, they will excrete proper amounts of healthy lipids and other oils, and the dry eye symptoms will get better. 

The real challenge is to find a way to heat the Miebomian glands in a way that is effective and convenient. Many doctors suggest using a facecloth as a warm compress or even a microwave heated element to hold against the eyes to warm the glands and get more oil to protect the eyes.  The problem is that patients do not find these solutions convenient and they fail to deliver the right temperature to the eyes for the right amount of time.  Some of the microwave heated products actually say “do not use on eyes” because of the danger of being too hot and causing damage. 

The other problem is that even if they get to the right temperature in the beginning, they only stay at the right temperature for a limited amount of time.  This can be too short to be effective. Warm compresses have the same temperature maintenance problems and in addition they tend to be messy, inconvenient, and drip water.  Research has shown that lack of compliance is the main reason for treatment failure.

Eyedetec has developed the only FDA cleared medical dry eye treatment device currently marketed for home use. The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System combines a soft mask with disposable warming wafers for the application of localized heat therapy to the eyelids.  It is inexpensive, convenient and has been shown to deliver a consistent therapeutic temperature for the right amount of time.  Recent improvements provide the ability to deliver controlled heat to the meibomian glands for the correct length of time, thereby increasing the tear film lipid concentration leading to improved tear film stability.

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