Transformational Dry Eye Therapy

Episodic Care

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Continuity of Care

Barry J. Linder, MD, MS
President & CEO
Eyedetec Medical, Inc.

Understanding Dry Eye Disease (DED)

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"85% of patients who have DED do not have a lack of tears, they have MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction). And MGD is treatable. That means we have been treating 85% of patients wrong for 50 years!!!
Daniel Durrie, MD

DED Impacts Quality of Life & Vision, and is a Global Eye Health Challenge

Key Challenges in DED – The Problems

Transformational Solution

Transformational Solution – Novel Technology

Eye Lipid Mobilizer™ (ELM)

  • Treatment of Moderate to Severe DED
  • Continuity of care from Practice to Home
  • Telehealth Enabled
  • Patented Mechanisms of Action

Scalable Continuity of Care

Cost Effective
Efficient to Meet Growing Demand

Global Market Approaching $7.8 Billion by 2026 (350M Patients)

Eyedetec will Initially Focus on USA Market of $2.4B (30M Patients) – Growing 6.9% CAGR

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$4B Global Intraocular Lens Market Excellent Refractive Cataract Outcomes Depend on Treating DED

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$14B Global Contact Lens Market

eyedete aging


25% of Population >50 y.o.

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Coming DED tsunami!

Excellent Refractive Cataract Outcomes Depend on Treating DED
Coming DED tsunami!

Eyedetec Understands the DED Market

EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™

  • Treatment of Mild DED
    • Reusable Eye Mask
    • Disposable Warming Wafers
    • Controlled Heat
  • Clinical validation (Singapore Eye Research Institute)
  • US FDA Class I Exempt
  • Sales (USA & OUS)
    • Online
    • 12 International Distributors

Attractive Value Proposition

Win, Win for both Doctor and patient


  • Affordable
  • Automated
  • Relaxing
  • Convenient Home Care Solution
  • Connectivity to doctor

Ophthalmologists & Optometrist

  • Least capital intensive option
  • Differentiated technology
  • Digital Telehealth solution
  • New way to serve customers
  • Recurring revenue stream

Why Invest in the Future of Dry Eye care?

Management Team

Barry J Linder, MD, MS President & CEO
Thomas Dunlap
Global Business Advisor
Shareef Mahdavi Strategic Marketing
Anselm Leung Strategic Advisor
James Dippo R&D
John Kang RQ&C
Ronald Linder Operations

Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel Durrie, MD
Randall Fuerst, OD
John Hovanesian, MD
Paul Karpecki, OD
Leslie O'Dell, OD
Laura Periman, MD
John Sheppard, MD
Vance Thompson, MD