Transformational Dry Eye Therapy

Episodic Care

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Continuity of Care

Barry J. Linder, MD, MS
President & CEO
Eyedetec Medical, Inc.

Understanding Dry Eye Disease (DED)

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"85% of patients who have DED do not have a lack of tears, they have MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction). And MGD is treatable. That means we have been treating 85% of patients wrong for 50 years!!!
Daniel Durrie, MD

DED Impacts Quality of Life & Vision, and is a Global Eye Health Challenge

Key Challenges in DED – The Problems

Transformational Solution

Transformational Solution – Novel Technology

Eye Lipid Mobilizer™ (ELM)

  • Treatment of Moderate to Severe DED
  • Continuity of care from Practice to Home
  • Telehealth Enabled
  • Patented Mechanisms of Action

Scalable Continuity of Care

Cost Effective
Efficient to Meet Growing Demand

Global Market Approaching $7.8 Billion by 2026 (350M Patients)

Eyedetec will Initially Focus on USA Market of $2.4B (30M Patients) – Growing 6.9% CAGR

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$4B Global Intraocular Lens Market Excellent Refractive Cataract Outcomes Depend on Treating DED

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$14B Global Contact Lens Market

eyedete aging


25% of Population >50 y.o.

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Coming DED tsunami!

Excellent Refractive Cataract Outcomes Depend on Treating DED
Coming DED tsunami!

Eyedetec Understands the DED Market

EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™

  • Treatment of Mild DED
    • Reusable Eye Mask
    • Disposable Warming Wafers
    • Controlled Heat
  • Clinical validation (Singapore Eye Research Institute)
  • US FDA Class I Exempt
  • Sales (USA & OUS)
    • Online
    • 12 International Distributors

Attractive Value Proposition

Win, Win for both Doctor and patient


  • Affordable
  • Automated
  • Relaxing
  • Convenient Home Care Solution
  • Connectivity to doctor

Ophthalmologists & Optometrist

  • Least capital intensive option
  • Differentiated technology
  • Digital Telehealth solution
  • New way to serve customers
  • Recurring revenue stream

Why Invest in the Future of Dry Eye care?

Management Team

Barry J Linder, MD, MS President & CEO
Thomas Dunlap
Global Business Advisor
Shareef Mahdavi Strategic Marketing
Anselm Leung Strategic Advisor
James Dippo R&D
John Kang RQ&C
Ronald Linder Operations

Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel Durrie, MD
Randall Fuerst, OD
John Hovanesian, MD
Paul Karpecki, OD
Leslie O'Dell, OD
Laura Periman, MD
John Sheppard, MD
Vance Thompson, MD
David B Seibel, OD, FAAO