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Learning Center Commonly Asked Questions


The ELM is not currently available in the US.  We plan to seek US FDA clearance by early in 2024.

  1. ELM is designed to be used first in the doctor’s office, and then taken home by the patient for ongoing treatment based on their doctor’s recommendation.
  2. ELM uses 3 uniquely integrated mechanisms of action heat, vibration and neuro-stimulation.
  3. ELM provides a relaxing experience for the user.

ELM uses a combination of heat, vibration, and neuro-modulation that liquifies oils in the eyelids, and expression of the oils.

The ELM is not yet commercially available but is sure to deliver significant value for the patient who is suffering from chronic dry eye disease.

The ELM was invented by a dedicated team of specialists, led by a US based ophthalmologist and serial entrepreneur Dr. Barry Linder.

With ELM, we have reimagined how chronic dry eye disease is managed, with the initial treatment delivered in the eye doctor’s office, and ongoing therapy in the comfort of the patient’s home.  The result is a next-generation treatment that is effective, affordable, and convenient.

Yes, the ELM was presented to a large group of industry executives, investors, and key opinion leader doctors in May 2023, and received a 2nd place prize for the novelty of the invention.