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MEETING REPORTER: Barry Linder, MD, at Eyecelerator 2024 unveils the groundbreaking ELM (iLipid Mobilizer) technology developed by Eyedetec Medical. This innovative solution brings a new dimension to dry eye treatment with its unique approach. Dr. Linder discusses how the ELM empowers doctors to initiate treatment in-office, followed by convenient at-home continuation by patients. Key highlights include the integration of novel mechanisms, such as heat and vibration, to induce shear thinning of oils in the eyelid glands, thereby safeguarding the tear film and preventing evaporation. Additionally, the ELM incorporates neuromodulation to stimulate active expression of liquefied meibomian, offering a comprehensive treatment approach. Currently pending FDA 510k clearance, the ELM technology anticipates a market introduction later in 2024, promising a transformative solution for chronic dry eye sufferers.