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Invest in Eyedetec: Changing the Future of Dry Eye Therapy

Inviting the public to invest in the revolutionary solution to chronic dry eye disease

USA, [April 2, 2024]—Eyedetec Medical, Inc., the pioneers behind ELM (Eye Lipid Mobilizer), an innovative therapy device designed to address the root cause of chronic dry eye diseases, is set to revolutionize the global dry eye treatment landscape. They would like to invite all those interested in the significant problem Chronic Dry Eye Disease (DED) poses for so many people around the world to participate in their journey.

Chronic dry eye disease affects approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide, with 44 million cases reported in the USA alone. With the market growing at a CAGR of 9.2% and an estimated value of $158 billion globally, the need for an effective solution is more pressing than ever. Eyedetec’s ELM addresses the root cause of DED.

Dr. Barry Linder, physician and inventor of the ELM device, states, “Chronic Dry Eye is surging in correlation to the global increase in screen use, and at Eyedetec our mission is to change the future of Dry Eye Therapy. With ELM, we’re not just treating symptoms – we’re addressing the root cause of the disease with an affordable therapy. The device is specifically designed for both office and home use, making it an accessible and economical solution for everyone.”

The benefits of investing in Eyedetec are numerous:

  • Advance the treatment of a disease affecting over a billion people globally
  • Contribute to a market projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2%
  • Support an innovation designed for both clinical and home use
  • Join the fight against a chronic disease with a solution that addresses its root cause

We’re inviting the public to invest in our company and be part of this game-changing solution that can bring relief to millions of chronic dry eye sufferers worldwide.  As a trusted innovator in the field, Eyedetec continues to advance the treatment of chronic dry eye disease and invites you to join them on this journey.

About Eyedetec Medical, Inc.

Eyedetec is a leading innovator in the field of Dry Eye Therapy, committed to changing the future of the treatment with the ELM (Eye Lipid Mobilizer). This revolutionary product is designed to address the root cause of chronic dry eye diseases, offering a new approach to treatment for both clinical and home use.

Information about Eyedetec and the ELM Therapy Device can be found at .