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Eyedetec Announces Crowdfunding Campaign with StartEngine, Offering Opportunity for Everyday Investors to Support Breakthrough ELM Technology

[Danville, CA, 2/23/2024] – Eyedetec, a leading medical device company pioneering in cutting-edge treatments for chronic dry eye disease (DED), is thrilled to announce its raising capital on StartEngine, a prominent crowdfunding platform. Through this campaign, Eyedetec aims to democratize investment opportunities in its revolutionary Eye Lipid Mobilizer (ELM™) technology, empowering everyday individuals to be part of the future of DED treatment.


Dry eye disease is a common ocular condition affecting hundreds of millions worldwide, characterized by symptoms such as dryness, pain, blurred vision, itching, and burning. Eyedetec’s innovative ELM technology offers a promising solution by targeting the underlying cause of DED, effectively addressing lipid deficiency in tears.


The crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine signifies Eyedetec’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare innovation. By leveraging StartEngine’s crowdfunding platform, Eyedetec will provide individuals with the opportunity to invest in ELM technology, securing their stake in the advancement of DED treatment.


“We are excited to join forces with StartEngine to make our groundbreaking ELM technology accessible to a broader audience,” said Dr. Linder, CEO of Eyedetec. “By allowing a wide spectrum of investors to participate in our mission to revolutionize DED treatment, we aim to create a community-driven approach to healthcare innovation.”


Investors who secure a financial stake in Eyedetec’s ELM technology through StartEngine will not only have the potential for financial returns but will also play a crucial role in advancing the development and availability of cutting-edge treatments for DED. Eyedetec invites individuals passionate about healthcare innovation to join them in shaping the future of ocular health.


For more information about Eyedetec’s ELM technology and investment opportunities through StartEngine, please visit [StartEngine website].


Barry J. Linder, MD, MS

Eyedetec Medical, Inc., President & CEO